I love words. I have always loved them and even use to win spelling bees back in the day. I want to spend my life learning as much as I can about the English language, but this is a little far-fetched. The video below shows a man pronouncing the world's longest word, which is 189,819 letters long and takes over three hours to say, no L-I-E.

Dmitry Golubovskiy is the man who attempted- and achieved- to say this word in its entirety, which took 213 minutes to complete. It seems as though he took the challenge in strides, as in the video we see his beard grow and his plant die, perhaps a comic relief tactic?

The actual word refers to Titin- a rather large protein that begins with M-E-T-H-I-O. The word is so large to compensate for how gigantic the protein really is and all of the chemicals that make it up.

The word isn't in the dictionary, however.

Watch the short version of the video and see the word spelled out here.