Truthfully, if you found over a thousand dollars in envelope you would be compelled to find the original owner? I would and yes, I believe in karma when it comes to that.

Kyle Osborn recently came in to this situation and he did the good things, returning the money to person who lost it. Instead of saying "Thank You" or even giving Kyle a small reward for his good deed the man replied "I hope it's all there."

Kyle was walking outside the Sutherlands Hardware Store when he found the envelope with $1,200 in it. Kyle walked inside the store and asked if anyone has lost something - mind you, never saying what it is that he had found.

Kyle came upon a gentlemen who said he lost an envelope with $1,200 in it. Kyle gave the man the envolope to which the man simply said "I hope it's all there." and walked away.

Not even a simple "Thank You", consider you up to that point lost $1,200, or even cutting Kyle a small reward - Nope, just "I hope it's all there." What a piece of trash this person is. Kyle could have easily taken the money for himself and you would have never known about it.

Was it Kyle's tattoos or his beard? Who knows but don't judge a book by it's cover.

The shop opener heard of the rude comment and put together a nice, personal reward for his good deed including a $50 gift card to the store.