I have shared my feelings about over weight people in the past. But when looking at some one grossly over weight, I never once thought about issue of not being able to fit into a casket.

It’s really no secret, I view over weight people the same I do as I view someone smoking a cigarette. I find each to be a huge threat to ones health. And like smoking, I see it as an issue that most can help. however, a small part of me always feel sadness when I see some one extremely over weight, because I start to consider how the simplest things in life now become extremely difficult. For example, stepping off a curb now becomes an impossible task for some. i witnessed this and watching people try to get off the couch, although funny, it is still sad. But I guess I never once considered the fact that when their life comes to an end, what do they do with the body?

I have had the unfortunate duty of being a Paul bear for two of my family members. When I see some one who is 400lbs or more, you start to think what do they do in that situation? Is a bulldozer brought to ones funeral? do you get a crane? or is cremation the only option.

This video is a bit ridiculous when the reporter climbs in the casket, but it’s extremely disturbing when she says, business for these caskets "is booming"!