Godsmack releases a live album called Live & Inspired tomorrow in stores, Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin talked to Q103 about the new album and how the Beatles really inspired them growing up!  No overdubs and straight up live Godsmack's Live & Inspired has 13 live tracks and 4 songs that have inspired the band to become who they are.   Hear the interview now.

As Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin says.. "over the years, we developed into a great live band.  We thought it was time to put it out, we want it in our catelog.  We grew up on live albums Kiss Alive, Rush all the world's a stage, Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo, these were records that molded our lives".

Is the Album recorded only from Detroit?

Last year, Godsmack performed at Q-Ruption, we noticed there aren't any songs from The Oracle, is there a reason for that?

There are 4 songs on the new album that are covers that inspired you, why these four?

The songs are from Joe Walsh, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Metallica.  You already toured with Metallica - of those bands who would be the coolest to tour with?

Any new music or what plans does Godsmack have in the future?

So where is the best rock crowd?

Shannon adds about performing on festivals  "We love to play outdoor amphitheaters, I like the wind blowing, while Sully says "oh yeah the humidity is fantastic"!

Fans submitted photos to be on inside cover of Live & Inspired, how hard of a task was that?

Both say be ready to be smacked with Live & Inspired.  The album will be in stores Tuesday May 15th.  It really does rock and is a very well produced live album.  Upon listening, you will definately feel like you're in the crowd at SPAC listening to Sully & Shannon do there thing including the battling drums.

‘Live’ Disc Track List

01. ‘Straight Outta Line’
02. ‘Realign’
03. ‘Awake’
04. ‘Moon Baby’
05. ‘Changes’
06. ‘The Enemy’
07. ‘Keep Away’
08. ‘Speak’
09. ‘Voodoo’
10. ‘Batalla De Los Tambores’
11. ‘Whatever’
12. ‘Serenity’
13. ‘I Stand Alone’

‘Inspired’ Disc Track List

01. ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ (Joe Walsh)
02. ‘Come Together’ (The Beatles)
03. ‘Time’ (Pink Floyd)
04. ‘Nothing Else Matters’ (Metallica)

Good Luck and we can't wait to see Godsmack soon!