Members of our government are held to a high standard. As our elected representatives, they are expected to uphold the moral and ethical standards of our communities while acting in our best interests. Gloversville mayoral candidate Michael Ponticello must have missed that memo, as he was recently found passed out drunk at the Glove City Sports Lounge in the town in which he's running for office, with someone taking a hilarious photo of him out cold.

Everyone, even government officials, deserve to go out and have a drink after a hard day of work. With that said, this guy needs to learn how to cut himself off! What's next, a trip to the Lionheart on Lark Street where he'll fall asleep directly in front of one of the dart boards? Look at the gray on the mustache, this is clearly not his first rodeo. He's got to keep it together if he wants to be a respectable elected official.

Also, this isn't his first alcohol related failure. In October of 2012, he was arrested and charged with DWI in Johnstown after crashing his car into a freaking pole! Again, this guy may end up being the mayor of Gloversville! He seems more like Will Ferrell's character in The Campaign than an actual politician.

So, if you live in Gloversville and want a mayor that you can hit up the beer pong table with or crush some keg stands with, vote for Michael Ponticello!

Just make sure you call him a cab when you're done partying.