We've all been to a fast food restaurant and given the wrong order. How have you reacted? Were you angry? Did you go back and get the right order? Did you destory the eating area? One guy from Pennsylvania did the latter and now he faces jail time.The Smoking Gun reports the patron was given a cheeseburger instead of the hamburger that he asked for at a McDonald's in Springettbury Township, PA. When realizing this, the guy went crazy - knocking over a trash can, throwing a high chair, then exiting.

A female employee followed him to the parking lot to get his license plate number. The girl tried to call 911 and that's when the patron attacked her, took her phone, then smashed it on the ground. The guy left in his car.

Police figured out who the guy was and have since filed charged, though they haven't found him yet.

I've had orders wrong before and I know, I got angry. But I didn't go hurling items across the eatery and attacking the people behind the counter. The part that scares me about society, people are so angry these days it just takes a cheeseburger to set them off - Yikes!