Not sure I believe this survey or not but NPD Group's recent poll on men and hair lose says most men would give up not only porn but beer as well to stop their hair from thinning.

Yep, 69% of the survey said they would give the two for better hairlines. Seems drastic to me, at least the beer part. But very few men would go to drastic measures, only 8% said they would give up sex.

When it comes to 'doing their hair,' the time varies depending on the guy's life styles. 60% said ten minutes is more then enough time to spend on hair while 40% of guys with kids spend about 16 minutes a day grooming. (Don't you think it might be less because of the kids?)

What celebrity head of hair do most men want? Channing Tatum.

So you mean to tell me most guys are willing to give up both porn and beer to have hair like Channing Tatum? I could see porn but beer?