So you are heading out with your friends and decide, hey underwear isn't necessary.  Setting yourself up for a bad reputation, or a good time?Guys don't be fooled.  The ladies want it just as much as we do.  They just do a much better job of 'playing the game' than we do.  Men will usually show their hand pretty early, and either miraculously make it work, or fall flat on their face.  Ladies however have one hand that guys can't play.

We are of course talking about the old 'no panties' trick.  It's a fine line that you walk when you don't wear them.  Men could see you as easy, and the ladies will automatically judge you.  Either way, you are probably going to get your kicks.

For the men; if a woman leans in and tells you that she isn't wearing panties is it sexy, or does it turn you away?  Ladies; would you consider leaving the undies behind an act of desperation, or convenience?