Here's a story to never speak of ever again, unless of course you like that sorta thing.

Timothy Paez is accused of peeing on a woman that rejected his advances. The Boulder, CO Police report says that Paez walked up the to woman at a bar and put his arm around her.

The woman responded with "Um, Really?," Tim backed up, and she went back to her conversation when she felt something sprinkling on her leg.

Tim wasn't pouring his beer on the woman as she originally thought. She turned around to see a little more of Tim then she wanted to, in more ways then one - He was urinating on her leg.

Go figure, alcohol was involved as police couldn't get intelligent answers from Paez. To say the least, he was thrown in the slammer on suspicion of harassment and public indecency.

I've been a drunk romeo before but if I got rejected I would go about my business and move on, never once did "marking my turf" come to mind.