It's official! 'Girl Meets World,' the televised offspring of 90s hit show 'Boy Meets World' has been picked up by the Disney Channel and is scheduled to begin production this summer in LA and is expected to hit television screens nationwide sometime in 2014. Read on for more information!

The idea for the New York City-based show first surfaced last year and seemed as though it was up in the air. However, fans of the original flourished at the idea and anticipated the return of Cory and Topanga, this time with the show focusing on their adorable pre-teen daughter, Riley.

As for her parent's, Cory is following in the footsteps of his beloved high school history teacher Mr. Feeney, who was also his next door neighbor growing up, while Topanga is the owner of an after-school oasis that, returning to her strange roots, specializes in pudding. I, too am confused about that. I guess we'll have to wait and see what it's all about.

The Disney Channel announced yesterday that it officially signed on to Girl Meets World.

The basis of the show is Riley and crazy best friend Maya facing similar trials and tribulations as Cory and Shawn did in Boy Meets World. From everyday school-borne problems to seemingly larger-than-life issues, the show will turn the tables and focus on the young female's perspective of the world as opposed to the male's. It will either be as successful as the original or will flop. What do you think?