Got to keep those hands up! you can't go for a dig when you should be putting up a bump. maybe if you practiced more you'd still have your teeth.

I love volleyball, the girls are tall thing and wear pretty much the same thing I wrestle in. spandex shorts is God’s gift to men and the Gluteus Maximus is the bond that brings the world together. I have no idea if these are high school girls or college and since it’s so far away I can't pass judgment on them and possibly be called a pervert for doing so. However I can see that this chick was totally off somewhere else probably thinking about a dress at the store she should have bought. Or maybe she is distracted because she’s wondering why she not in a kitchen somewhere making me some delicious food. Whatever her reason is for being absent minded is no excuse. If you're in the game you stay focused or else some lengthy armed girl on the other team might use her "Rookie of the Year" esq torque to rocket a ball straight down your throat.


Who has the most bad ass volleyball team (college/high school) in the Capital region ?

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