Turns out aliens wasn't the only thing actress Gillian Anderson was exploring the mystery of.  She was also exploring her sexual side with the ladies.

When you think of Gillian Anderson a couple of things come to mind.  Fiery red hair, aliens, and lesbians?   Okay, the lesbian thing is new, but that's just because she is just now talking about it.  She isn't throwing a coming out party or anything, but she did tell 'Out' magazine that she has had several lesbian relationships.

I was in a relationship with a girl for a long time when I was in high school.

-Gillian Anderson

The 43 year old actress  also said that she has had several female flings in the past, but if she were 100% gay the experience would have been different for her.  Anderson has been with Mark Griffiths since 2006 and has two children with him, so if she is gay, that's news to him.

Her former 'X-Files' costar David Duchovny admitted to being a sex addict a few years back, so it turns out that they both like to get a little freaky.  Would have loved to been on that set, because in between shots there was probably some hot action going on.