Nothing says ‘Merica like taking the 2nd amendment and transforming it into a colossal mailbox like this New Jersey dude’s. You better believe the postal worker will think twice about placing an unwanted bill in this box while they're starring down the barrel of this peace keeper.

“The truck-sized sidearm weighs about 350 pounds and sits on a 1,200-pound steel base on his front lawn in the Lopatcong Township in rural New Jersey.Buchko said he saw a similar project online and thought he could build it better. His neighbor donated the eight-inch PVC pipe for the barrel, and he built the rest from plywood scrap he had lying around. Buchko said the unusual lawn ornament wasn’t designed as a political statement. He was just hoping to pick up work for his cabinet-making and metal fabrication business

“It’s just to drum up business, because I’m broke,”–nydailynews

Broke? There is not excuse for man with that size fire arm to ever be broke. In fact I do belive the old saying goes according to my great grandmother “the bigger the gun the bigger the income and the amount of fresh tail”. It’s still unclear to this day if my grandmother was talking about wild life tail or sex. Bottom line this mail box screams ‘Merica!