Who ya gonna call?? Bill Murray! Will there be a Ghostbusters 3? Only if Bill Murray signs on to star in the 3rd installment of supernatural comedy franchise.

Bill Murray has stated that he will reprise his role as Peter Venkman if his character is killed off in the first reel. 

The director of the movie Ivan Reitman confirmed that a script described as being "very good" is currently being considered by Murray but that there has been no feedback from the actor so far.   Bill Murray will be the biggest draw should Ghostbusters 3 be made.

Reitman also confirmed that if the project gets the go-ahead, he would consider shooting in 3D, saying, "Certainly it has come up because it seems like an obvious thing to do. And certainly the studio is interested in that because there seems to be a real financial bump for the right movies being done in 3-D".