Wednesday is here! Mid-week if ya will: It's Hump Day! You know, middle of the week get over the hump and all that jazz? So you know, I'm gonna spin this in a pure sexual way. I mean come on, I'm a dude and why the hell not? On to the Albany Area 'Casual Encounter' section of Craigslist...

Have you ever peeped this section? Ladies, dudes, couples, trannies, everyone! Yeah, they post they're sexual needs in hopes of you sending a response and hooking up for some bump and grind for the night. It's really that easy!


Hey, if you're in Clifton Park and you wanna text your fantasies to a lonely girl, here you go. Frankly, I've never understood the deal with 'sexting'. Seriously, if you wanna bump uglies then bump uglies and get on with it, no? Who am I to judge though, at least girlie is practicing safe sex ;-)


This next one seems like a setup, right? I mean come on, this is some pissed off wife or girlfriend hoping to bait her cheating ding-a-ling, right? Maybe I'm wrong but I don't know, seems fishy.


Screw Hump Day festivities- This chick is looking for some D this Friday. No worries though, kids will be sleeping and the old-man will be at work. Based on what she wants you to put in the subject line of your reply, maybe you guys can chat about Dick Trickle after you crush that quietly- don't forget, kids will be sleeping in the other room.