We are now 2 days away from Q-Ruption at SPAC.  The big concert is Friday and if you haven't gotten your tickets yet then today you are going to be in for a treat.  A HUGE opportunity has presented itself and you, the loyal Q103 listener, will be able to reap the rewards.

I know how it is in this economy.  Everyone is pinching pennies and trying to save, and the cost of rock shows sometimes isn't in the cards.  Friday is the Q103 Q-Ruption at SPAC and how would you like to have the view above and save some money too?

Now personally I have been spoiled by working here at the station and know how awesome it is to be inside at SPAC.  The unfortunate part is that sitting inside usually costs the average person too much, so you learn to get comfortable on the lawn.  Well today you will have an opportunity to grab some inside seats at SPAC for Q-Ruption for just $20.  You will need a couple things in order to do so:

  • This link, to order the tickets.
  • The password, which is Qruption.
  • They will also be selling these tickets at the SPAC box office

So go get your $20 inside seats at Q-Ruption.  You'll only have from 10am to 10pm to get them so you better act quick before they are gone!  See, we'll take care of you guys.  Hope to see everyone at SPAC on Friday for Q-Ruption!