After Monday June 25th, you may never look at playing golf the same way again.  Q103 is excited to host our first ever golf tournament and we're gonna make it a little dysfunctional.  Get the registration form, grab some buddies, create a foursome, skip out on work and join us at Orchard Creek Golf Club in Altamont for a Golf Tournament you have never experienced before. 

You won't necessarily need any skills to play the Q103 Dysfunctional Golf Tournament but you will need to have a open mind and be ready to have some crazy fun!

This four person captain and crew tournament will start at 9am, and will test your ablilities to gofl under different challenges and obstacles.  For example, we may blindfold you, have you tee off on a mattress, use a pool cue to putt and more.   There will also be some very cute girls around causing you to stop and stare and definitely throw off your game.

Q103 cant have a golf tournament without throwing in some bad ass rock too!  Free Beer & Hot Wings Show Band, Wayland will also be on hand to perform after the tournament.  Lunch will be provided as well.

The price of admission to all this zaniness is $200 for a foursome,  or $60 as a individual.

We just hope that after June 25th Orchard Creek will have us back next year!

The Q103 Dysfunctional Golf Tournament is sponsored by New Country Lexus and Guinness Black Lager.