Oh that title is correct, in my opinion, especially around here. Maybe it's just me though?  I'm sticking with: 'In real life, ish doesn't go down like this.' Well hold on: It goes down like this but you know the chick is making a b-line for her comp only to block your number like whoa! 

So yeah, you walk up to a chick, ask to use her phone, only to call yourself to get said girls number.

Could you imagine strolling around Central Ave doing this? Chicks would be like 'yo mang what you thinkin son? Gimmie my phone back you stupid ass f&^k.' You know they would!

Maybe it's me though? Maybe I don't have the nuggets to do this? Actually, it is me and yes I do have the nuggets: I just think it's a dumb way of getting in a chicks pants. I guess I would rather be like 'hey sweetheart, wanna come to my house and eat ice cream?'

Food for thought.