Geraldo Rivera nails it when he blames the death of Trayvon Martin on the hoodie he was wearing.

I couldn’t have said it better my self. Geraldo Rivera spells it out plain and clear and says what we all were thinking about Trayvon Martin. If you see someone in a hooded sweat shirt you immediately assume “Gangster” or “this person has a gun and wants to rape me.” I know that’s what I think, sometimes even if they aren’t wearing a hoodie.

The bottom line, a hoodie is the uniform of a criminal and if you don’t want to be treated as such, than don’t wear the uniform. Sure, some people might see a hoodie worn by a pro basketball player, a boxer, a chubby college girl going to class, a high school wrestler, a satanic cult leader, depressed ex-girl friends, a man getting his mail in the middle of winter, some one skiing or snowboarding, or a power lifter at the gym. The fact of the matter is, a criminal also wears a hooded sweat shirt, and therefore Trayvon Martin was wearing the uniform and his attire is just as guilty for his death as the unstable “neighborhood watch” man whom shot him dead. Where are the charges on the shirt, that’s the question I want to know?

Trayvon Martin was wearing the uniform of a criminal just as Geraldo Rivera is wearing the uniform of a pedophile. These are just facts.