Police in Midway, Georgia must be experiencing a criminal-drought if 14 year-old girls selling lemonade sets off their radar.

There seems to be a trend developing over the last couple of years where selling lemonade on the corner of your own property is becoming a criminal offense.  It's sad how many stories of this nature have cropped up over the past few years that detail cops shutting down lemonade stands because the kids didn't have the proper permits, which, by the way, usually wind up costing more to buy than the kids would gather in a single afternoon.

The justification for this particular story is that the cops spotted the stand, probably on their way to the nearst Dunkin' Donuts, as they drove by it and didn't know "how the lemonade was made, who made it, or what was in it."  Are you kidding me?!  If that's the basis for all your investigations, then why aren't you shutting down every kitchen in town?!  Better not get that coffee at Starbucks either, you don't know if those are really coffee beans unless you head to Columbia, monitor workers who harvest them, inspect them as they ship, then put them in the grinder yourself upon arrival; it's the only legit, sure-fire way to make sure that's absolutely 100% without-a-doubt coffee you're drinking.  Honestly, this is as bad, if not worse, than handing out tickets for jay-walking.  Casey Anthony may have gotten away with murder, but at least the rogue, lemonade-drug circuit run by a bunch of pre-pubescent teens is under control!

I wish I was joking about this epidemic, but I'm not and it enrages me every time I see a story like these.  Here are some links from just the past year from other poor kids who were shut down; some of them even involve raising the money for charity.  Hard to feel charitable after something like this: