All George Zimmerman had do to was post 10 percent of a one million dollar bail bond and he was free to leave jail.  He did just that Friday afternoon.   According to MSNBC, Zimmerman was also fitted with an electronic monitoring device before leaving the jail. 

George Zimmerman the neighborhood watch volunteer who is charged with second degree murder for the shooting of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, was able to post bond after his attorney posted a to a website seeking donation funds.

Apparently he received $100,000 in donations because Zimmerman is out of jail tonight.

Zimmerman's attorney also released a statement on GZLegalCasecom:

George Zimmerman and his family do not have anywhere near $1,000,000 for collateral, So even if we pay the $100,000 fee, the bail bond company will have to agree to work with us on how the collateral would be posted.

Zimmerman's bond was revoked in June by Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester, for misleading the court about how much money he had.  For fear of using hidden funds to flee the country, the judge set the bail significantly high.

He must refrain from drinking alcohol, stay in Seminole County, can't open a bank account or set foot in a airport.