You have got to see this! First of all, I must say that his proposal was absolutely fantastic as he really opened himself up in trying to do something that he had always sworn he would never do. Gene has been claiming to be ‘happily unmarried’ for about 28 years with Shannon Tweed. But if you’ve watched “Family Jewels” this season, you’d know that Shannon has become sick and tired with much of Gene’s behavior. So much so that Gene even went to a therapist (which he allowed parts of sessions to be aired on A&E). As someone who loves KISS, and loves to hate KISS too as Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are pretty easy to poke fun of, I was really proud to see Gene bearing all and really trying to make changes including getting down on one knee to ask Shannon to be his wife. The only problem is… they ended the season finale without getting Shannon’s answer and the words “To Be Continued”. I don’t know how they plan on keeping the result a secret until next season, but the romantic part of me is really hoping that Shannon said yes.