Countdown is a British game show involving word and number puzzles. It's one of the few game shows from our friends across the pond to not have a U.S. ripoff version made. Well, recently a taping of the show was stopped mid-way through due to a contestant showing "too much chest hair." The episode, set to air December 3rd, had a contestant who was wearing a V-neck shirt and things got a bit hairy from there.

I guess chest hair is not allowed on British TV as the producers stopped production to tell the male contestant to "cover up." According to the contestant "I was told to wear a T-shirt or V-neck, I went with the latter."

The production team actually taped his shirt higher to cover the hair.

It will be interesting to see that December 3rd airing. One minute there's a hairy chest, the next it's covered up. I've heard of showing too much cleavage or skin but never too much body hair. This is England, aren't they extremely hairy over there to begin with? So what's the problem?

In any case, here's some blooper.