As we approach this week's big celebrity basketball game, I had the chance to catch up with the host and Hudson, NY. native, Rashad Barksdale.  Rashad became the first player ever out of U Albany to make the NFL.

Coming from a small town about an hour south of Albany, in Hudson, NY., Rashad played football for the Hudson Blue Hawks.   His talents eventually took him to U Albany and as a corner back, he led the Danes in interceptions his senior year.  Declaring for the NFL draft, Rashad was able to do something no other player from U Albany ever could - make the 53 man roster in the league.

The Philadelphia Eagles snatched up Rashad in the sixth round of the 2007 NFL draft.   A draft full of would-be stellar NFL stars, Rashad was drafted behind other corner backs like four-time pro-bowler , Darelle Revis. A tough, though draft!  Rashad was cut by the Eagles during the pre-season but was signed the very next day by the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was with the Chiefs that Rashad saw real time on the NFL field.  Making his debut on 10/7/07, he recorded his first stat in the fourth quarter with a tackle on special teams. The kid from Hudson, NY. finally made it.

Though the Chiefs cut Rashad the following year, he made the active roster with the New York Giants and even spent some time with the Jets and Cardinals.  Today, Rashad is ready to lead the Kansas City Command of the Arena League (Albany Firebirds, style) to a championship.

Growing up just minutes from where Rashad played high school football at and watching our alma maters battle it out more than once, I couldn't wait to see what Rashad was up to and get his take on his pro fooball experiences.  Luckily, I was able to ask him a few questions this week.



1) Coming from a small city like Hudson and being the first player from U Albany to make it to the NFL, you have a whole county of young aspiring football stars wanting to be like you.  Who did you look up as a young kid?

RB: You know as a young kid from Hudson back in my day, was when Hudson High Football was at its peak! Leroy Collins dominated the field. I played running back when I was little & so did Leroy, so he was someone I wanted to be like, and be better than. So when it came to football, Leroy was the one I looked up to.

2) Best perk of playing pro football?

RB: Best perk of playing pro football would be, getting all the free equipment...such as cleats, gloves, hoodies, sweats.

3) First time you saw yourself on a football card, you did this______


4) Favorite spot to hang out at back in the 518?






5) Song on your ipod that you'll never admit to listening to is?
RB: Not ashamed of any of the songs on my iPod...but an artist that I listen to that people prob wouldn't guess is Adele.


6) If you didn't play football, you would have become a _

RB: I honestly don't know...I would have some searching to do.

7) Where can fans keep up with your career at?





You ready to come out and see Rashad Friday night in Hudson?