This sounds like a perfectly appealing deal. Everyone knows if you get terrible explosive bloody diarrhea from some bad Mexican food the only thing that will fix it is more Mexican food! After a bad outbreak of what is said to be E. coli bacteria in Arizona one Mexican restaurant is offering up this exact cure.

“The number of people sickened in the "bloody diarrhea outbreak" in Maricopa County has reached 74 in the weeks after the outbreak, according to a county health department official.

County health department workers believe the outbreak stems from E. coli at a Federico's Mexican Food location.” –phoenixnewtimes

Federico’s wasn't about to let this bad publicity shut them down. In fact they had a brilliant idea to help heal the wounds of their customers and patch up their relationship.

“Now that the dust has settled from the "bloody diarrhea outbreak," Federico's Mexican Food will be offering free burritos on Monday.

You can get your burrito at only one location -- the one where Maricopa County health officials believe an E. coli outbreak sickened 74 people, who ended up with the aforementioned bloody diarrhea.” - –phoenixnewtimes

I know some wimpy folks might be skeptical to except a free burrito from what appears to be certain E. coli. But, it’s a free burrito! Who’s going to say “no” to that? Not me. Slap free in front of anything and I’ll take my chances.