Tomorrow morning the Albany area gets to experience the live aspect of the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show.  They will be broadcasting their show live from the track in Saratoga starting at 6am.

I have been doing the Free Beer & Hot Wings show for quite some time now, but we have never been able to experience them doing the show live from here in the Albany area.  It will be a very cool event too as they broadcast from the  Saratoga Race Track from 6a-10a.   A live audience is encouraged, so come out and enjoy the show as it broadcasts nationwide from right here in the Albany area.

There is no charge to get into the broadcast and you can bring as much booze as you want in your coolers, just no glass bottles.  It will also be a last chance to win pit passes to Q-RUPTION going on Friday night at SPAC.  We might even have a few of our Q-Ruption performers come by to hang out with you guys and talk to the show.

Hopefully we'll see you out at the Free Beer & Hot Wings show tomorrow morning starting at 6 in Saratoga.  After the broadcast follow Producer Joe down to Albany as he'll be doing his big Q-Ruption Pre-Game party at Bobby T's from 11:30a-1p.