If you missed it earlier today we once again broke into a needy families home to drop them off a Christmas they were going to miss.  Always an honor to be involved in these generous acts.

As always when it comes to this time of year we call upon the great Q103 listeners around the Albany area to anonymously nominate a family who needs help for Christmas.  We are always flooded and wish that there was a way to help everyone, but sadly it just isn't possible.  So we try and select a family that is in desperate need of some holiday cheer.

Our recipient this year is a prime example as to why we do this sort of thing.  A recently widowed mother of three beautiful children who is having a rough time.  My heart poured out for this woman.  I know what the kids are going through too because when I was in eighth grade we lost my father to cancer. It's a tough thing to do, especially around the holidays.

So we did the only thing we could do for this mother and these three young children, and that was to completely load up their home with presents.  I hope that this can bring a bright spot to their holiday season.  Thanks to everyone who helped out today, Selena our wonderful Marketing director, Nick and Flounder our two hoodlums, and Dalton for being in the giving mood this holiday season.  Also thanks to the good Samaritan in the white van who stopped just to give us $100 for the family.  What an unbelievable act of kindness.

Big thank you to Lisa at NY Toy & Hobby in Clifton Park, because without her awesome generosity we would not have been able to make the holiday break in as special as it was.  If you missed how it went down, check out the audio.  Merry Christmas everyone!