Throughout musical history there have been duets/collaborations that never should have ever entered anyone's mind. Yet, they did and they happened - Unfortunately for those of us who had to torture our ears with it.

Usually a collaboration is done to help a particular singer, songwriter, or band.

Why did this one happen? We may never know the answer.

Billy Ray Cyrus (that Billy Ray that gave use "Achy Breaky Heart" and Miley) recently appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show to perform a song called "Lately."

First off, the song itself sounds like crap before Fred even enters the picture. Second, why is Fred even on the song? He adds nothing to it and only makes it worse, if that's even possible (which it is).

If you are going to do a collaboration or have a guest on a song, make sure they
a) fit the song,
b) make sense to be on it with you, and
c) make sure the end result doesn't sound like this abomination.

Of course, Fred had to work Miley in to his rhyme on the tune - still as cheesy as ever.

Fred jumps in around the 2:30 mark with his trademark "Yeah." Enjoy.