Some people might view this as me making fun of this kid, but the God's honest truth is that I respect the hell out of him!

Swagger, skills and my attention this Frankie dogs and wolves has got it all. I swear to you there is not a video of his I won’t watch. Yes I’m aware and certain he has some sort of disability. However, nothing is holding this kid back from reaching unlimited YouTube fame.

I stick by my comments, “he is an F’ing genius!” It doesn’t matter what he’s doing from yelling into a camera about some rain in Texas or telling me to charge my iPod, I’m watching the video from start to finish.

Now I discover a video of him just spinning around in circles and I stuck it out for the entire 1:21. If you think people are making fun of Frankie McDonald, then you’re a moron. Frankie is a smooth cat and is making fun of all of us. Bless this kid and I hope he never stops posting videos! Thank you Frankie and keep winning the internet!