Styles sat down on Wednesday (1/30) and talked with former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar about his Featherweight title bout this Saturday at UFC 156 against champion Jose Aldo.

Frankie had to drop down a weight class for this fight saying "it's been pretty easy. I wasn't really cutting any weight for (1)55 so to come down to (1)45 is just, uh, watching my diet and what I put into my body."

Saturday night at 7 p.m. UFC 156 kicks off on P.P.V. This fight has been dubbed a "Superfight" and Frankie feels the same way; "This fight has been talked about for long time between the fans and the media, so here we are. Just a few days away."

Jose Aldo is very well rounded fighter and Frankie says that "I got my hands full and that's what I am prepared for. I gotta fight my tempo and my game plan."

Frankie was a plumber before he got into fighting and says that a win this Saturday "would mean everything. That's why I do this, to be number 1 and here's my chance."

If he wins this Saturday, could Frankie return to 155 for another run at the champ and hold two titles? Check out the full interview below for details.


Special Thanks to Rick DeJesus of Adrelita's Way for several of the questions asked.