At the beginning of 2012 I posted a blog on local artist Frank Palangi's teaser preview of his newest single, "I Am Ready." He is quickly rising in popularity and exposure, and even tried out to perform at the Grammy's. Yesterday, the entire track was released and is available for purchase. You can see Palangi perform next month as he opens up for Trapt.

In early 2012, record producer Rob Coates and his team in Nashville, TN unveiling the title called "I Am Ready." Frank has written this material which moves him toward that mainstream audience style and sound. Assisting on the track, former drummer of the rock band Pillar, Lester Estelle.

It's a kick ass rock track with feeling, raw ambition, and not a cookie cutter formula. Comparable to current mainstream rock, it's being recorded like the latest Foo Fighters album with that old school feel that gives it that warmth and like your right in the room, listening to the whole band.

Frank executive produced the single as well and proves to be a statement in his career.

"I Am Ready" is up to par with the hottest current rock music- his raw, strong, masculine voice is backed by instrumentals, that, paired with the lyrics makes the song very catchy and fun. He could easily stand up to artists similar to his style, such as Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace, Rev Theory, Breaking Benjamin, Godsmack, etc. It's evident by his growth, maturity and rising stardom that he is in fact "ready" to become the next big thing.

"I Am Ready" can be heard here, and purchased here.

Catch Frank Palangi next month, as he opens up for Trapt at Northern Lights on Friday, April 20. Go here for more information on when and where he performs.

What do you think of the new song?