Frank Palangi is our very own hometown solo artist. He is a nice guy who is very talented. Tonight he is opening up for Hurt at Savannah's. That is why tonight Frank Palangi is my crush of the night.

Frank Palangi is from Queensbury, Ny. He graduauted from Queensbury High School class of 2006.His birthday is February 14th and it well fits him because he is a sweetheart. He just released his latest single I Am Ready which has gotten very popular and a lot recognition not only just in the capital region. He is a very talented young man who I see going very far in his career. He just opened for Trapt last month at Northern Lights which is now called The Upstate Music Hall, he will be opening up for Fuel there as well in June and now tonight he will be at Savannah's 1 south Pearl st in Downtown Albany to open up for Hurt.