An knife incident in an Albany area bowling alley parking lot sent four people to the hospital early Wednesday morning.

According to the Times Union, an investigation is on regarding an incident in Cohoes at The Cohoes Bowling Arena that injured several individuals. Police showed up at the scene where several people had knife wounds and others reportedly went home and called the police. Three men and a woman went to Albany Medical Center to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. An argument over money was said to be what started the fight, and police said that all involved knew each other. Anyone with information is asked to contact the detective bureau at (518)233-2146 or the tip line at (518)233-2161.

Aren't bowling alleys supposed to be fun places to hang? I remember as a kid, my mother was on a Friday night bowling league (her team was called the Ball Busters) lol and my brother and I would tag along each week so we could hang out eating pizza and playing arcade games. There were never stabbings to my knowledge on the premises. What are your thoughts on this recent knife attack at the bowling alley in Cohoes? Does it make you feel unsafe to go bowling?