Rex Brown is most famous for being the bass player in Pantera and when they broke up he went with frontman Phil Anselmo to play bass in DOWN full time.  Recently he quit DOWN and is in a new band, Kill Devil Hill.  He explains why he quit DOWN in a recent interview with Metal Maiden.

There was a a lot of speculation as to why Rex Brown had left the band DOWN, and according to and Metal Maiden, he basically just got tired of doing the same thing.  So he joined up with Kill Devil Hill, a band that consists of Vinny Appice on drums,  Mark Zavon on guitar and  Jason "Dewey" Bragg on vocals.  In a recent interview, Brown explains the move:

I was playing with DOWN a whole bit and I just kind of got tired of the… You know, Philip and I had been together 23 years. And when I first met these guys (Kill Devil Hill] in January of this year, when I walked in and we played in the rehearsal room, it just clicked. The chemistry and everything that went along with it… I mean, it's so easy to say that, but really… I just said, 'To hell with it. This is what I wanna do.

The move from DOWN to Kill Devil Hill came as a big shock to fans mainly because Brown made no formal announcement that he was actually leaving the band.  DOWN is currently working on a new album that is due out later this year with new bass player Patrick Bruders.  Kill Devil Hill is putting together an album as well and that is expected to be out in March 2012.