I grew up watching the famous prize show The Price is Right, and my sister and I would always comment that we wanted to be spokesmodels, because it looked so fun and easy, and probably paid a lot. I'm sure you've had the same if not similar thoughts, but after reading this your mind might be changed. Former spokesmodel Lanisha Cole has recently sued the game show for sexual harassment charges.

Cole, who was a long time fan favorite, left the show in 2010, after working on the show for seven years. She filed a lawsuit against producers (who are ironically named) Michael Richards and Adam Sandler, claiming multiple incidents of harassment starting in 2009. For the majority of her time at the show, she was well-liked and respected, and very much enjoyed her job. However, when Richards started favoring another model, Cole claims that's when the problems started.

According to the Yahoo! article:

The 20-page civil complaint includes wrongful termination, wrongful sexual harassment, failure to take steps to prevent harassment, false imprisonment, and infliction of emotional distress.

Cole remembers one specific incident, when Sandler "deliberately embarrassed her in front of her peers" by walking into her dressing room (despite a sign posted) while she was barely covered, and then yelled at her for not wearing her microphone. Maybe she wasn't wearing it at that moment because she was changing...do you think that could be the case?

The one weird thing is that Cole never mentioned anything was up until she was called into a meeting when another model claimed harassment. Cole said she held back because she was "holding the show hostage" before leaving. She probably should have said something from the beginning, as it would be more believable, rather than just claiming the same thing as another model.

Cole's attorney, Solomon Gresen, said in a statement, This case is about senior-level men in the entertainment industry exploiting power and control over women by bullying and harassing female talent.He added, Ms. Cole did nothing to provoke Richards and Sandler. Once the harassment began, she was powerless to stop it.

Price fans fear not, because comedian and host Drew Carey was not involved and had no claims against himself by the models. I wonder if Bob Barker were still host if he'd be involved. What do you think? What are your thoughts on this?