Woah dude, woah.

So this guy Stephen Bier, who goes by his stage name Madonna Wayne Gacy and sometimes Pogo, used to play keys in Marilyn Manson's band. Well according to Alternative Nation dude went on a crazy facebook rant the other day where he explicitly detailed his feelings on Manson. Even going as far to wish death upon him.

Nothing / Interscope

I guess it all started with him talking about all the musicians we have lost recently and then he kind of just let loose writing ...

I am genuinely amazed at how many prominent entertainers and musicians have kicked-off in the last 30 days… too bad Brian Warner isn’t one of them.


Apparently, the old cliche that ‘only the good die young’ is truth.


I can’t wait to do: the electric Boogaloo, the Texas two step, the waltz, and an Irish jig on his grave.


Maybe this is the end times, and it is a really slow rapture starting with musicians?


The best thing he can do to preserve his legacy, is put a bullet in his head and prove his integrity.


Presently, he is unintentionally… slowly… committing suicide one pill at a time.

I'm like danggggggg dude, tell us how you really feel? By the way, Brian Warner in Marilyn Manson, in case you hadn't picked up on that yet.

I should also note that I tried to find his original posts but apparently this wasn't exactly a public post because I came up empty handed so we'll just have to take Alternative Nations word for it ... or not.