That's right, the Lakers forward has officially changed his name to Metta World Peace.  So what does this mean?  In reality it just means that Artest, I mean World Peace is just plain crazy.

In all seriousness, Ron Artest has technically done nothing wrong except for give himself a ridiculous name.  I knew he had submitted the paper work to change his name, but I had no idea he was so serious.  The courts approved it yesterday though and now he is Metta World Peace.

So why Metta World Peace.  He says it's just a positive message to the youth. I guess I kind of get it.  Now whenever people want his jersey it will say 'World Peace' on the back.  As far as NBA rules go, they have no choice but to put World Peace on his jersey.  One thing they don't have to do is give him the rights to change his jersey number.  He has said he wanted to wear #70 this season, which would be his third number since joining the Lakers in 2009.  However he won't be able to since he would have had to of submitted the number change request back in March.

Is he crazy?  Maybe.  I just find it ironic that a man who was responsible for one of sports ugliest incidents, the 'malice at the palace', is now going to be called World Peace.