And so the day has come. The BIG game, which contrary to what you may read on the internet, is NOT named after me. But for many it's still going to be a great night. But for some like me, who are not big football fans it's a night for another kind of sport. E-Sport!E-sports is basically gaming. But it's still pretty interesting and exciting. Watching a match up in StarCraft, following the build and seeing how one player dominates the map and resources over another. The strategy and execution of the game. I get into that stuff. One that has got me really hooked is the first person shooter called Quake. Specifically, Quake Live. It's free to play and all you need is a web browser. It's also exciting as hell!

Now you're thinking "Rich, what the hell? Video games as a sport?" Yeah, National Geographic did a documentary on E-sports. Kids are making a ton of money at this. Quake, has had $10,000 dollar matches at their convention call QuakeCon. Now I am by no means THAT good. I am well past the age of top tier player, which is about 19 to 22 years old. But I do love playing and watching matches as well as finding great videos of matches.

Maybe it's a guilty pleasure, but this is what I plan on doing during the big game tonight.

CAUTION: Video has some bad words in it. :p