It is absolutely amazing the longevity of some things on this planet.  Even more remarkable is that some of the foods that we use everyday will be around a whole lot longer than we will. 

Most of the food on this list can't really sustain you for an extended period of time, but it is still pretty impressive that they could probably outlast a nuclear holocaust.  So next time you are going through your cabinets and are getting set to throw away some old things, think again.  According to Janice Revell of you would be shocked as to what you don't need to throw away.  Revell calls these "forever foods" and usually don't require any kind of replacing.  With proper storage these can last a really long time, so take note.  You might even save some money by not having to pick them up at the store so often.

One thing that I use often is sugar.  I put it in my coffee, sometimes on top of cereal and of course use it in baking.  Don't be afraid to stock up on it either because it will never go bad.  Sugar can't support bacterial growth therefore, no mold.  As long as you keep it in an air tight container you will be good to go.  I was surprised to read that maple syrup is also considered an "forever food", that is as long as you keep it cold.  if you store your syrup in the fridge it will last a very long time and you can even freeze it for long term storage.  Pretty interesting.  As long as there are still things to make pancakes we look to be in good shape!

Another sweet topping that if stored correctly will last a long time is honey.  They say not to be discouraged if it looks grainy or the color has changed because it can easily be brought back to that rich golden color by just stirring it around.  Rice and salt will also never spoil as long as you keep them in a cool dry place.  For all kinds of tips on food storage and how to keep them fresh for longer you can get a whole bunch of them over at