When bands go on tour they request from the promoters, venues and cities to provide them with certain requirements to perform including sound systems, food or beverages they would want backstage, its call a rider.  The Foo Fighters had fun with their 52 page 2011 Tour Rider, written by their tour manager Gil Brandt. In fact the document is filled with jokes, insults, useless facts and self depreciation.

According to the Smoking Gun website; The Foo Fighters Tour Rider is called “Field Guide To Food Coloring Book And Activity Pages,” the section opens with a drawing of front man Dave Grohl shredding with a fork and knife in his hand. Bassist Nate Mendel opines on what constitutes a delicious breakfast. Drummer Taylor Hawkins explains the difference between a good and bad salad. A maze leads guitarist Chris Shiflett to a bountiful catering table. And guitarist Pat Smear is shown giving the thumbs down to sweaty meats.

There's mazes, games, word hunts and drawings to have perspective promoter's to try and figure out exactly what the band is asking.

To see the rider click here

I recall many tour rider nightmare stories like when a Van Halen Tour Rider stated they didnt want a certain color M&M's, so some poor intern had to go thru and remove all the ones they didn't want.

This causes me to ask.. if you were in a band touring, what would be in your tour rider?  Feel free to comment.