Old sink in my parents house
(Photo embedded from Flirk: house of bamboo)

It's the oldest trick in the book, a radio station playing an April Fools joke on air and causing a huge reaction. Some are in good taste, while most are just immature and childish to an extant that the person committed the prank is fired.

Two Florida country radio DJs might need to look for a new job after a prank yesterday on-air caused a stir with the local water department.

Val St. John and Scott Fish told listeners there was "dihydrogen monoxide" coming out of the water taps; dihydrogen monoxide is another word for water. Those who didn't know what the word actually meant began to call up the local County Utilities office asking if the water was safe to drink.

The radio station's General Manager Tony Renda Junior didn't take too kindly to this and has suspended the   morning show indefinitely. Renda took to local TV and newspapers to apologize for the prank and the station has been airing a recorded apology every hour since the prank yesterday.