When entrepreneurship meets super creepy, you get Eric Holler. This dude was banking off murders and horrific crimes way before it was cool.

“I started in '97, it's been over 15 years," Holler said. "When I first started, no one was doing this. I was one of the first people."

Holler sells anything and everything to do with some of the most infamous and vicious crimes and killers of our time. They can range in price from $30 to tens of thousands of dollars. On his website, serialkillersink.net, Holler sells artwork from infamous killers, pictures and letters.” -news4jax

Clearly there is big money in the murder game. For every psycho out there who is willing to hack off someone’s head there is about 60 sickos willing to pay big money for a blood-soaked carpet swatch.

Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. Holler you’re truly doing the lord's work.