The title of this is literal, believe it or not, so next time you go for a check-up or other dental work BEWARE!

No I'm just kidding- only an idiot would go to this guy, and several people are guilty of it.

John Callazos, 47, turned a Hollywood apartment around to resemble that of a dental office in order to play the part of a dentist, obviously without a license. One female patient scheduled an appointment for a toothache, and when he gave her a soothing elixir without success, he then injected a pain medication in her butt. He must've assumed it hurt, because he immediately kissed the area and then proceeded to touch her inappropriately from the front.

Callazos was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor of practicing dental hygiene without a license, but that's not all.

In September the pervert was arrested for the same reason, as well as making a sexual advance on a female patient. It's stated that he offered his services mainly to immigrants. So far there are four known victims of Callazo's game.

Watch the news report below: