Albany may not be the best or most ideal city you've ever lived in. There still are many things here that you will miss. Here is what I would.

  • One of them being the Albany skyline. Is it overly impressive, no. When you drive across the Dunn Memorial bridge into Albany its beautiful. Especially in the summer. Seeing the egg nestled so neatly in between the Times Union Center and the Corning tower is amazing. It sets us apart. Anyone who gets asked a question of what is the iconic landmark in Albany will answer The Egg. I sure would miss seeing that.
  • A second thing I would miss is the concert scene. Sure it used to be better with all the bars downtown that have since gone away. Upstate Concert Hall is still a awesome place for shows. You could see anyone there! Any genre too. The best part is that at UCH you will see a lot of bands before they launch into super stardom. I remember seeing Volbeat there many years ago and now they headline festivals all over the world. Glens Falls Civic Center always has a handful of awesome shows a year as does the TU. Lets never forget SPAC. The amazing summer shows we get there every year are memories I will always cherish.
  • Third would be the track. I must confess I am not much of a horse racing guy but Saratoga is a city that in the summer is surrounded by it. Its a staple and I do regardless much enjoy seeing races there. Sure you could move somewhere with a track but I bet unless its a massive city it wont be as good at our's.
  • Adirondacks and The Catskills. So many back roads to go driving on. So many hiking trails. So many scenic sights that other areas may lack. I don't go hiking, well, ever but I know a lot of people love that about Albany and the surrounding area. Hell Q103's studios are in the Albany Pine Bush. Do some reading on that area, It will blow your mind.
  • Finally, who from upstate New York hates Stewart's milkshakes? I grew up on this with a mother that worked there. Ever night she would come home with a double chocolate milkshake. I wouldn't want to live in a world without their ice cream and milkshakes. Its stuff of legend

This region is rich in history and amazing things. Sure do we have some bad things go on here. Of course. What city doesn't? No matter how I look at it I will miss Albany if I was to ever move away.