This Sandy is turning out to be a real b****. Last Halloween was ruined due to weather and now it looks as though this one will be compromised as well. There are constant news updates on television and websites and we are keeping you up-to-date as well on our website. So if your power does happen to go out (and you don't have back-up), here are five things you can do to keep yourself from going outside to play. 

1. Gain Some Knowledge

This might come as a shock to you but newspapers really do still exist! Pick one up and read it and/or do the fun little games that can sometimes be pretty time-consuming (especially that deluxe Ken-Ken math puzzle). You can also fancy a magazine or read a book- the old-fashioned way. Just make sure that if it's dark out you have your flashlights, candles, lanterns and mini battery-powered lights handy.

2. Do A Puzzle

I LOVE puzzles, but unfortunately I don't have any at the moment. They require time, patience and focused brain power. They are a good stress reliever and you are left with something pretty to look as in all the gloominess that Sandy might bring about. You could also do crosswords, word searches and hand-held electronic puzzles, or play a board game.

3. Get Stuff Done

You know there are probably a handful or two of things you need to get done around the house that left untouched because of your daily routine and procrastination. Without power you are forced to do otherwise, so take this (ironically) as a gift to begrudgingly get those chores that don't require electricity done. Ideas- do some storm cleaning, go through photos/ put together photo albums, feng shui or rearrange, go through clothes and make a donation pile, make something useful, write out Christmas cards ahead of time or make a plan for next year's garage sale.

4. Soak It All Up

After all, this is an act of God and Mother Nature, so why not document it and see the beauty of it while you can. Take some pictures from a window or shoot from outside if it's safe. If you're able to drive ride around the block and take some pictures or record a video. You could even submit it to the news if you get some good footage.

5. When All Else Fails, Go Into The Light

So if you've exhausted all your non-electric resources and are losing your sanity, you could always go to plan B and venture over to a family member or friend's house. Whether or not  they have power or a generator human contact can always make things better. If a local store or mall is open that's also a great place to go, granted you can drive.

These are just a few ideas I have thrown together for your pleasure. Hopefully you read this before your power goes out, if it does. If you have any fun tips please share below!

Flickr user armin_vogel