If you were listening to the Free Beer & Hot Wings show this morning, then you caught us in a position that we never want to be in.

We were fortunate enough to have Producer Joe from the Free Beer & Hot Wings show come in this week, but unfortunately things didn't go as planned.  Hey, it happens.  The original plan was to have contestants do trivia for a chance at Rock on the Range tickets, plus hotel and airfare.  Pretty sweet prize, right?  Too bad no one got to claim it.

Everyone showed up to the Halfmoon Sandwich Shop this morning expecting the best, but we got the worst.  All seven contestants bailed on us at the last second, and left us going 'okay, what next'.  That's when everything fell apart.  Now, everyone thinks we dropped the ball, when in fact, we didn't get to drop any balls at all.  So what do you do with all these bowling balls, and nothing to drop them on?  Five things come to mind.

Make a decorative lamp:


Make a fence:


Have Joe stare them down:


Take them to a museum:


If all else fails, drink beer with them: