Not that I'm trying to shove it down your throat, but I am pretty sure you will love these bands. Working here at the radio station we get a lot of singles and albums sent our way from all kinds of acts big and small.  Every once in a while a band comes around that really catches my ear.  We also get to hear a lot of them as the open for bigger acts that come to Northern Lights.  It is always refreshing to hear a new band with a unique sound.  Now to call them a "new" band may not suit them as some of them have been kicking around the underground for a while, but have yet to hit it big.  They may have a large fan base, but the casual rock listener may not get to hear them, so here is your chance.  Sit back relax and enjoy because I guarantee you are going to love these bands.

Danko Jones
These guys have been active in the rock scene since 1996 and have made soem pretty big friends in the biz including Motorhead front man Lemmy.  They are an awesome live band and their albums are great too.  They have opened up for The Stones, Ozzy, Korn and have toured with Guns N' Roses.  I love Danko Jones and you should too!

The Dirty Heads
Looking to chill?  These guys have the sound for you.  They have a sublime/reggae feel to them.  Even in the coldest winter months if I hear these guys pop onto my ipod it feels like I am right in the middle of the beach enjoying a cold one.  What a fun band.  If you like them check them out at Northern Lights on April eighth.

These Danish rockers have a sound all their own. Metallica meets Johnny Cash meets The Ramones. The mix is sure to please you no matter what you're favorite genre of rock is. They opened up for Metallica on the Death Magnetic tour and are coming back into the Capital Region April 23rd. They will be rocking at Northern Lights and I strongly suggest you go check them out.

They opened up for Hinder when they were in town and impressed most of us here at the radio station (especially Mrozek). Active in the rock biz since 2002, these Irish rockers know how to throw down on stage. Their album White Collar Lies was their US debut and people are loving it. I am a big fan of this video, and the girl dancing around in her underwear listening to them. Hot.

You have these guys on Q103 before, but surprisingly people still ask me who they are. These guys have been rocking Aussie style since 2003. Straight forward rock n roll at it's best. This is some serious ass kicking music. Throw me another beer and crank it up. Reminds me a little of AC/DC and that is fine by me.