It's mid-June, yet we haven't really felt that summer weather. It's been either mild, or cool. This week, the temperatures will finally rise, and we'll need to cool off.

If you don't own your own pool, or know someone with a pool, you'll need to result to other means of cooling. Some man-made, some nature-made. Either way, you'll want to jump in once the temperature pushes past 90 degrees. Not to mention, you'll probably want to work on your tan after a long winters sleep.

The Albany area (and beyond) has some great locations for summer swimming, boating, or whatever else you want to do in the water. Just don't drink it. Fish tend to cut loose, and some gross people as well.

The Great Sacandaga Lake

Whether you want to swim, fish, or jet ski, the Great Sacandaga Lake is an awesome summer spot. Not only is it  a great lake to spend the day on, it has some awesome restaurants and bars to hit up as well. Anyone who spends time at the Sacandaga lake knows it is a big party all summer long. Make sure to stop by sand island before you head home.

Thompson's Lake

It's not just a lake, but a full blown campground for you to stake your claim. Thompson's Lake is a great family spot. Not only is it fun, but it's also a very affordable place to take the family on a weekend, or week long getaway. Plus, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Hilltowns while you stay.

Saratoga Lake

It's probably fair to say that Saratoga Lake is one of the more underrated lake destinations in the Albany area.  Lets not forget about this gem.  After a long day in the sun, betting on the ponies, and exploring Downtown Saratoga, why not jump right into Saratoga lake?

Zoom Flume

What's so cool, when it's hot, hot, HOT? We all remember those commercials, and if you venture into the Green County area this water park is a must. Most people would head to the Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom, but Zoom Flume shouldn't be forgotten. It's much closer than the other water parks in Old Forge and Lake George. It makes for a great day trip down the thruway.

Lake George

The big dog, as far as lake destinations go in Upstate New York. There is something for everyone in Lake George. Food, fishing, tubing.  If it's a summer activity, Lake George is your spot. So when the temp gets hot, head up into the Adirondaks and hit up Lake George.