Halloween is coming up quicker than you think. Some of us are already thinking about a costume with the potential of being memorable, or maybe even winning a contest. So here are five great costume ideas that we came up with for 2012 - so far.

1. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

One of the biggest movies of the year was the adaptation of the 'Hunger Games' novels. Katniss Everdeen quickly became a female role model, so why not get out your best bow and arrow and hit the town as this champion? The odds of getting some great candy will be forever in your favor - or something like that.

2. Michael Phelps

Just get yourself 19 gold medals, a skull cap and a speedo and you are in business! Michael Phelps climbed into the Olympic record books at the 2012 London Games. There will no doubt be many people walking around in Phelps costumes this Halloween. The objective is to make sure that your costume is the best though. Go that extra mile and smash your face into something to get that signature overbite.

3. The Avengers

If you think no one will be walking around as a team of the Earths mightiest heroes, you are sadly mistaken. God bless the guys who completely into character and do the whole green body paint thing for The Hulk. Your effort is much appreciated. Just remember, you can't actually fight crime. Extra points to the ladies who rock the black leather suit as Black Widow.

4. Mitt Romney

Everyone loves a good political costume. As Mitt Romney you can mispronounce things and play dumb! Win win! Lets face it, Barack Obama is played out, but Mitt is fresh meat. His trademark grey sideburns, his odd vocal delivery. Mitt Romney is a sure crowd pleaser. Just refrain from making fun on England. They don't really like that.

5. 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Characters

Let us be clear: This not mean that you get to have crazy ridiculous sex everywhere. However, you could get freaky afterwards. Will people know that your a sexually abusive man who has the hots for an innocent girl? No, probably not. Plus if you already have a sex dungeon, your already very committed to the character anyway. Kuddos.