The third studio album from headbangers Five Finger Death Punch has been long anticipated.  It's due out in October this year.  We have already heard the first single, now they have revealed to albums artwork to us.

The first single from Five Finger Death Punch is pretty damn bad-ass, which tells me to expect much of the same on the new album, American Capitalist. So with that being said, they would need some pretty kick ass art work to go along with that album.  Well they did not disappoint.  They unveiled the cover to the album today for all to see and it looks pretty awesome.

I like how it looks kind of like a comic book cover/movie poster.  It's almost a page out of Rob Zombie's book with the way it looks.  Not that, that's a bad thing because Zombie has always had some pretty sweet album art.  This looks pretty cool to me.  American Capitalist is scheduled to drop on October 11th.